We went down to the river and baptized one another in the name of art, of photography and of those who came before us. On a brisk Sunday afternoon, late October, we became the film: encased in darkness, exposed to light for the briefest of moments, back into the darkness to be washed before permanently entering the light. We took the negatives we had made back into the dark and developed them in that same water: a baptism of silver. This is our nod to our medium; we honor it by becoming it. Like a painter relies on oils and a sculptor clay, a photographer is dependent on darkness and water. We are alchemists, stealing moments, creating something from nothing but light.

We are women. We are artists. We are the film.


A collaboration of The Honeybee Squad, members include:

Lauren Garms, Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve, Helen Hoffelt, Tamrin Ingram, Katie Jo Smith, and Crystal Tursich

June 2017- Baptism at Pennington Custom Art (Columbus, Ohio)

October 2017- Baptism at Prairie Center of the Arts (Peoria, Illinois)